Data update 2017

2018-07-16 10:32 von chu
Hi tourmis,

I found following data set: ECM-J% (tab_j5), but I couldn't find data to "Auslastung" and "Kapazitšten Betten" for Barcelona. You write under "Wartung" that the data set for Barcelona will be updated in June. Is this happening or can you write directly to me?

Thanks in advance.

2018-07-17 16:55 von woeber
Dear Ben,

I am sorry, that you cannot find the data you have been looking for. The data is entered by the Barcelona Tourism Board. The people there have stated that the data should be available in June. I do not know why this is not the case, neither can I investigate this any further. I suggest to contact the Bareclona Tourism Board directly and ask them why the data has not been update yet.