Source market statistics in ECT trends & prospects q1/2017

2017-06-20 17:17 von rita.pereira
the ECT report trends & prospects q1/2017 includes several statistics on key source markets performance, with source Tour MIS, that i cannot find.
For example, for German market in 2017 major arrivals change were to Icelanbd and Bulgaria. I don't find this evidence in the figures available here...

2017-06-20 18:45 von woeber
Dear Rita,

I assume you mean ETC, not ECT (which could mean European Cities Torurism), right?

You question is interesting, but I cannot answer it. In TourMIS for ETC we report on 18 different markets. This list does not include Iceland and Bulgaria for the latest trends analysis. You need to ask the originator of the "ETC report trends & prospects q1/2017" where this data comes from.

bw, Karl