Data in TourMIS

2006-04-19 16:16 von roli1219
I read that inserting and maintaining data is done by means of a web-based user interface, and that all pages in TourMIS are generated dynamically. So could you explain me a bit more about this automatic data collect? How is it running? I'm very interested by this technical means. Thanks in advance for the answer!

2006-05-05 01:04 von woeber
Of course, data is not collected automatically. Data insertion for international statistics (national and urban statistics) is done by interested managers who are willing to share their data with other TourMIS users. Only statistics for Austria is automatically transfered from the Austrian Statistical Office thanks to an agreement between this organisation and representatives of the Austrian tourism industry.

Technically speaking international statistics can be uploaded by authorized users using Excel templates. To get an idea about the uploading process read the information inside the Excel data upload form and the TourMIS white paper both available in the TourMIS Resources container (lower left corner of this page).

bw, KW